Words Beginning With Alphabet "A" and Their Meaning in Urdu

"A" is first letter of the modern English alphabet, its a vowel and can be used a noun. "A" is derived from the Ancient Greek letter Alpha. "A" often represents "one" or "alone". An example of "A" is the letter that ends the word visa or the letter that start the word assets. The plural of "A" is "aes". The alphabet "A" currently represents six different vowel sounds. It is the first of the five vowels too. In educational institutes "A" is often used to denote something or someone of a better or more prestigious or best quality or status: A-, A or A+. A student having A+ grade is marvelous while a student having A- grade is said to be the poor one. "A" is the third most commonly used letter in English language, and the second most common in Spanish and French languages.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "A" are: atom, aeroplane, agriculture, animal, abbottabad, anatomy, artist, apple, apricot, arrest, abacus

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List of dictionary words and their meaning in urdu starting with alphabet "A"

A, A new nothing, A night out, A nine days wonder, A plenitude of, A poet is born not made, A political layman, A run on rubber, A run on the bank, A run to paris, A safe catch, A sex maniac, A short day, A short kennel, A short purse, A shroud has no pockets, A single woman, A towering anger, A towering passion, A trade mark, A tresia, A vailable, A varied, A virgin pure, A wan smile, A warm corner, A warm reception, A weak crew, A weak eleven, A week, A wet blanket, A whale of, A whit, A word, A year, A year and a day, A young family, A-an, A-bomb, A-burton, A-cock horse, A-day, A-dead, A-deep, A-dusk, A-side, Aadmi, Aakash, Aamir, Aashiq, Aba, Aback, Abacus, Abaddon, Abaft, Abalone, Abandon, Abandoned, Abandoning, Abandonment, Abase, Abased, Abasement, Abash, Abashed, Abashing, Abashment, Abate, Abated, Abatement, Abates, Abattoir, Abattoirs, Abb, Abba, Abbas, Abbasi, Abbass, Abbes, Abbess, Abbey, Abbot, Abbottabad, Abbreviate, Abbreviated, Abbreviated form, Abbreviation, Abbreviations, Abdicate, Abdicated, Abdication, Abdomen, Abdomens, Abdominal, Abdominal pain, Abdominous, Abduc, Abduce, Abduct, Abducted,