Words Starting With Alphabet "C" and Their Meaning in Urdu

"C" is third letter of the modern English alphabet, its a constant. In meaning "C" corresponds to Greek gamma. "C" sounds like "See" like "C" is the big blue thing in which fish swim and live happily. An example of "C" is the letter that ends the word Arabic or the letter that start the word cat. In chemistry "C" is the symbol of the element "carbon". "C" in capital and "c" in small alphabets. The capital letter "C" also represents the Roman numeral for 100. "C" is also what blind people don't do i.e. they can't "C". "C" can be used as a verb, as in this sentense: "C you later". It can also be used as an adjective, but only for things involving turtles: C shell, C side of a turtle. "C" is also used to show third in a series meaning the third best or the third highest in quality or rank, simply the third position.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "C" are: currency, coin, cricket, cow, constant, copy, courage, couple, cousn, carry, capsule, carry.

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C, Ca, Cab, Cabal, Cabana, Cabaret, Cabbage, Cabbage butterfly, Cabbage-rose, Cabin, Cabin crew, Cabinet, Cabinet-minister, Cabinetry, Cabins, Cable, Caboose, Cabot, Cabriolet, Cache, Cached, Cachet, Cackle, Cackling, Cacoethes, Cacophonous, Cacophony, Cactus, Cad, Cadastral, Cadaver, Cadaverous, Caddies, Caddy, Cadence, Cadences, Cadet, Cadmium, Cadre, Caduceus, Caesura, Cafe, Cafes, Caffeine, Caftan, Cage, Cages, Cahoot, Cahoots, Cain, Cairn, Cairo, Caisson, Caitiff, Cajole, Cajuput n, Cake, Caking, Cal, Calabash, Caladium, Calamine, Calamities, Calamitous, Calamity, Calcareous, Calcification, Calcified, Calcify, Calculable, Calculate, Calculated, Calculating, Calculation, Calculator, Calculous, Calculus, Caldera, Caldron, Calefaction, Calendar, Calendaring, Calendars, Calf, Calf-like, Calflove, Calgary, Caliber, Calibrate, Calibrated, Calibrates, Calibration, Calibre, Calico-printer, California, Calipers, Caliph, Caliphate, Calisthenic, Calisthenics, Call, Call at, Call girls , Call in, Call me, Call on, Call sign, Call upon, Callable, Called, Called adj, Called for , Called girl , Calligrapher, Calligraphic, Calligraphist, Calligraphy, Calling, Calling girl, Callosity, Callous, Callousness, Callow, Callus, Callused, Calm, Calm down, Calm sea, Calmer, Calming, Calmly, Calor, Calorie, Calories, Calorific, Calorimeter, Calory, Calumet, Calumniate, Calumny, Calve, Calved, Calves, Calvinian, Calvinists, Calx, Calyx, Cam, Camber, Cambial,