English Words Starting With H and Their Meaning

"H" is eighth letter and sixth consonant of the modern English alphabet, its a constant and can be used to represent eighth position in a series or row. "H" is the English language alphabet after "G" and before "I". Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter h. An example of "H" is the letter that ends the word length or the letter that start the word house. In chemisty "H" is the symbol for hydrogen element. In physics "h" is the symbol for planck constant. The symbol of letter "H" is similar to ladder. "h" is also the abbreviation of height. It is written as "h" in small letters and "H" in capital letters.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "H" are:
hotel, house, horror, honour, hen, height, heaven, hockey, handicraft, headlines, highway, hooting, hostel, hungry, humidity, hindi, hunt, history, huge, how many.

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Find Urdu Meaning of English Words Beginning With Alphabet "H"

H, Ha, Haberdasher, Haberdashery, Habergeon, Habib, Habiliment, Habilitation, Habit, Habitable, Habitant, Habitat, Habitation, Habitats, Habited, Habits, Habitual, Habitually, Habituate, Habituation, Habitude, Hacher, Hacienda, Hack, Hacked, Hacker, Hackers, Hackery, Hacking, Hackle, Hackney, Hackneyed, Hacks, Hacksaw, Had, Had been, Hadbest, Haddock, Hade, Hadees, Hades, Hadi, Hadith, Haem, Hafeez, Hafiz, Haft, Hag, Haggard, Haggish, Haggle, Haggler, Haggles, Haggling, Hagiarchy, Hagiocracy, Hagiographa, Hagiography, Hagiologist, Hagiology, Hah, Haidar, Haider, Hail, Hail;, Hailed, Hailing, Hails, Hailstone, Hailstorm, Hailstorms, Haily, Hair, Hair-trigger, Haircut, Hairdo, Hairdresser, Hairdressing, Hairless, Hairpieces, Hairs, Hairspray, Hairstyl, Hairstyle, Hairy, Hajj, Hajji, Hake, Hakim, Halal, Halberd, Halcyon, Hale, Haled, Half, Halfway, Halibut, Haling, Hall, Hallelujah, Hallmark, Hallmarks, Hallo, Halloo, Hallow, Hallowed, Halloween, Hallucinate, Hallucinating, Hallucination, Hallucinations, Hallucinogens, Halo, Haloed, Halogen, Halogens, Halos, Halt, Halted, Halter, Halting, Halve, Halved, Halves, Halyard, Ham, Hamadryad, Hamara, Hamas, Hamburg, Hamburger, Hamburgers, Hameed, Hamilton, Hamlet, Hammad, Hammer, Hammered, Hammerhead, Hammers, Hammock, Hammocks, Hamper, Hampered, Hampering, Hamshackle, Hamster, Hamstring, Hamstrings, Hamza,