List of English Dictionary Words Starting With Letter "K"

"K" is eleventh alphabet and eighth constant letter of the modern English alphabet, its a constant and can be used to represent eleventh position in a series or row. "K" is the English language alphabet after "J" and before "L". Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter k. An example of "K" is the letter that ends the word block or the letter that starts the word kite. "K" is pronounced as a consonant in modern English and is written as "k" in small letters and "K" in capital letters. In chemistry "K" is the symbol of potassium. "K" is also used to represent one thousand dollars. In Mathematics it is the symbol of Kilos and it also represent Kelven degrees temperature. In computer language "K" is used to represent a unit of 1024 words, bits, or bytes.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "K" are:
kingdom, king, kite, kids, keep, knife, knock, korea, ketchup, keyword, keyboard.

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Find English Words That Start With Alphabet "K" and Their Meaning in Urdu

K, Kabbalah, Kabob, Kaftan, Kainat, Kaiser, Kale, Kaleem, Kaleidoscope, Kali, Kam, Kamal, Kamala, Kamran, Kangaroo, Kannada, Kanwal, Kaolin, Kapur, Kaput, Karachi, Karaite, Karaoke, Karate, Karma, Karmic, Kas, Kashif, Kashmir, Kashmiri, Kat, Katabatic, Katydid, Kava, Kavita, Kay, Kayak, Kayaking, Kayles, Kayo, Kayos, Kazim, Kea, Keb, Kec, Keck, Kecksy, Ked, Kedge, Keel, Keen, Keener, Keenly, Keenness, Keep, Keep aside , Keep away, Keep silence, Keep walking, Keeper, Keeping, Keeps, Keg, Kell, Kellersoperation, Kelly, Kelp, Kelps, Kelvin, Ken, Kennel, Kenning, Kenny, Keno, Kentish, Kept, Keratin, Keratinization, Kerb, Kerchief, Kerf, Kerfuffle, Keri, Kerm, Kern, Kernel, Kernels, Kerosene, Kerosene oil, Kersey, Kestrel, Ket, Ketch, Ketchup, Kettle, Kettles, Kevlar, Kew, Key, Key personal, Key post, Keyboard, Keyhole, Keynesian, Keynesians, Keynote, Keypad, Keypunch, Keystone, Keystroke, Keystrokes, Keyword, Keywords, Khadija, Khalid, Khalid sharif, Khalil, Khan, Khar, Khawar, Khawateen, Khidmat , Khurram, Khushi, Kibe, Kic, Kick, Kickback, Kickbacks, Kicked, Kicker, Kickers, Kicking, Kicks, Kickshaw, Kid, Kidd, Kidder, Kiddies, Kidding, Kiddow, Kidds, Kiddy, Kidling, Kidnap, Kidnapped, Kidnapper, Kidnapping, Kidnaps, Kidney,