Dictionary Words Beginning With O and Their Meaning in Urdu

"O" is Fifteenth alphabet and fourth vowel letter of the modern English alphabet, its a vowel and can be used to represent fifteenth position in a series or row. "O" is the English language vowel after "N" and before "P" and "O" is the fourth most common letter in English language. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter o. An example of "O" is the letter that ends the word Pluto or the letter that starts the word organization. "O" is pronounced as a vowel in modern English and is written as "o" in small letters and "O" in capital letters. "O" is one of the four major blood groups in the Antibodies Blood Group system. In chemistry "O" is the symbol of the element oxygen. "O" is similar in shape to zero in number system. "O" or "Oh" is used to express surprise or strong emotion in different English language sentences.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "O" are:
occupation, oxford, oath, orange, ok, organ, orphan, owl, observation, onion, oxygen.

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Find Urdu Meaning of English Words Starting with Alphabet 'O'

O, Oaf, Oafishly, Oak, Oaken, Oaks, Oakum, Oaky, Oar, Oars, Oarsman, Oary, Oasis, Oat, Oatcakes, Oaten, Oath, Oatmeal, Oatmeal powder, Oats, Obduracy, Obdurate, Obdurately, Obdurateness, Obedience, Obedient, Obediently, Obeisance, Obeisances, Obeisant, Obelisk, Obelisks, Obese, Obesity, Obey, Obeyed, Obeying, Obeys, Obfuscate, Obfuscating, Obfuscation, Obi, Obit, Obituary, Object, Objectification, Objectify, Objection, Objectionable, Objective, Objectively, Objectiveness, Objectives, Objectivism, Objectivity, Objectless, Objector, Objects, Objurgate, Objurgation, Objurgatory, Oblate, Oblation, Obligate, Obligated, Obligation, Obligations, Obligatory, Oblige, Obliged, Obligee, Obliges, Obliging, Obligingly, Obligingness, Obligor, Obliquation, Oblique, Obliquely, Obliques, Obliterate, Obliterating, Obliteration, Oblivion, Oblivious, Obliviousness, Oblong, Obloquy, Obmutescence, Obnoxious, Obnoxiously, Obnoxiousness, Oboe, Oboist, Obscene, Obscenely, Obscenity, Obscurant, Obscurantism, Obscuration, Obscure, Obscured, Obscurely, Obscurity, Obsecration, Obsequies, Obsequious, Obsequiously, Obsequiousness, Observable,