List of Dictionary Words Starting With Alphabet "R"

"R" is eighteenth alphabet and fourteenth constant letter of the modern English alphabet, it can be used to represent eighteenth position in a series or row. "R" is the English language constant alphabet after "Q" and before "S". Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter r. An example of "R" is the letter that ends the word Actor or the letter that starts the word rich. "R" is pronounced as a constant in modern English and is written as "r" in small letters and "R" in capital letters. The alphabet "R" was signified by ruis (dwarf elder) in the ogham alphabet of early Ireland corresponding to Greek rho. In science, "R" is used as the symbol for the gas constant. In Mathematics "R" is used for set of all real numbers. Importantly, alphabet "R" is the only letter in the basic modern English alphabet in which the uppercase has a closed section and the lowercase does not.
Some commonly used words starting with alphabet "R" are:
rich, railway, rabbit, rally, rescue, right, renovate, romance, reseller, respiration, run.

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Find English Words and Their Meaning in Urdu Beginning With Letter "R"

R, Ra, Raat, Rab, Rabat, Rabbet, Rabbi, Rabbinical, Rabbis, Rabbit, Rabbits, Rabble, Rabblement, Rabi, Rabia, Rabid, Rabidness, Rabies, Rable, Raccoon, Race, Race-course, Race-cup, Race-ginger, Race-ground, Race-horse, Raced, Racer, Races, Racial, Racialism, Racially, Raciness, Racism, Racist, Rack, Rack-rent, Racked, Racket, Racketeer, Racketeering, Rackets, Racking, Racks, Racoons, Racy, Rad, Radar, Raddle, Radial, Radiance, Radians, Radiant, Radiantly, Radiata, Radiate, Radiated, Radiates, Radiating, Radiation, Radiator, Radical, Radicalisation, Radicalising, Radicalism, Radicalization, Radicalize, Radically, Radicals, Radicate, Radicle, Radii, Radio, Radioactive, Radioactively, Radioactivity, Radiographer, Radiography, Radiological, Radiologist, Radiology, Radiometric, Radish, Radishes, Radium, Radius, Radix, Radon, Raffia, Raffish, Raffle, Raffles, Raffling, Raft, Rafter, Rafting, Rafts, Rag, Raga, Ragamuffin, Rage, Raged, Ragged, Raggedly, Ragging, Raging, Raging feverraging fever, Ragingly, Ragman, Ragout, Rags, Ragtime, Rah, Rahat, Raheel, Raheem, Raid, Raided, Raider, Raiders, Raiding, Raids, Rail, Rail-road, Railer, Railing, Raillery, Railroad, Railroade, Rails,